to be with you on the road

My offer: helping hands as you go down your path in life. Over the years, my hands have learned to reach out and to feel into a body’s story and to listen.

This is how it happened to me. 30 years ago, after a disturbed youth, I began to live the high life to the fullest. Then one day I received an inner warning. Something said to me that if I continued using drugs that I would die. I took that warning seriously. I succeeded in stopping drug use, so of course, I was proud of myself, but I also knew that was only the beginning. From there, my search for true values in life began and what I have become now is so, so much more that what I could have imagined then.

With touch and movement….

In my process of becoming, I met a man who reached out to me. He invited me to let go of the focus of thinking and with the help of touch and movement to listen inside. Through his sessions I became open again and one in my body and mind. I experienced a deep integration between my psyche and my physical body. Just through touch and movement, I had this spiritual experience, which literally touched me very deeply on all levels.

I can help you with your search….

From that moment on, I knew I could heal myself and I started to delve into what is called the Trager Approach. I have been a qualified Trager Practitioner since 1995 and I now coach people like you, with all my heart and soul. I have learned to help people not to ignore the signals from their body and to investigate the path of becoming conscious, people who then learn to listen to the wisdom of their body. I can’t “solve” your problems, but I can help you listen to your body and help you on your search.

“As a psychotherapist, I am impressed by the finely tuned way that Trager works with the psyche as manifested through the body.  

JK seems to know just when to initiate a movement and somehow her timing always corresponds with what I have been feeling not just in that leg or that muscle, but on a more general level as well.  There is an instinctive feeling of ‘yes’, of being tuned into in where I am in a total sense.

This in turn enables a more complete release or letting go. It is fascinating to behold the embodied psyche in this work.”

Dr. Katie-Lee WeillePh.D., ACSW, self-employed psychotherapist, allied to universities and high schools, author of amongst other.
Making sense of parenthood: On ambivalence and resourcefulness.

“After one hour of Trager, you become totally present. If you have lost contact with your mind and body, like I had, Jessie’s hands take you totally apart and then put you together again.

It looks like massage, however, even though it is light, it is more intense and for me more effective because Trager reaches deeper than just the surface layers. There is mind, there is the body, and there is Jessie…”

Rudolf van EgmondA promoter for Richard Branson, the Sex Pistols, and Lata Mangeshkar, who has also worked in the film industry.