Individual sessions…

a lighter way of being

Do you have vague or concrete physical problems? Inexplicable pain, stress or other physical discomfort? Often it is not clear what’s not working, you just do not feel as well as you remember feeling in the past. My own specialty using the Trager approach, is that together we feel towards the inner cause of your discomfort.

Step by step, with touch I will help you to discover what is bothering you on the inside. You will discover how you can heal yourself and how to get your body back. Through touch and movement, we discover together how everything you once experienced falls in place in both your psyche and physical body and how to work with that.

How many sessions?

A session usually takes from between one hour to one and a half hour. It takes another half hour to come to yourself and some days to integrate. In general 2 or 3 sessions are sufficient to get to the core, the first session will clarify this. At that point, we will know where you want to work and you decide if you want to explore further with me and to go on your road together.

“ Just before my performance I was very tense. With touch and movement, Jessie brought me back in contact with myself. I felt my power coming back and that is, of course, priceless for a singer, And last but not least, you have one instrument, your vulnerable body. After Jessie’s session, I sang fantastically and gave a wonderful concert, with all the colors and nuances of my voice. All singers could benefit from this!”