Two year Trager education

to become Trager practitioner

I’m the founder of the internationally certified Trager
approach in the Netherlands. To guarantee the quality and continuation of the work in Holland, we founded a Dutch Trager association (intern link)

At the moment, I am the only Dutch instructor. I also invite external foreign instructors to come to the Netherlands to share their specialties, and I am invited, as well, to share my skills in other countries in the world. Meanwhile, there are now many certified practitioners in the Netherlands who give individual sessions.

Do you want to know more about
the education of Dr. Milton Trager?

If you want to know more about this extra-ordinary approach of Dr. Milton Trager: mail.
For practical issues, I refer gladly to the association, the education flyer and the program guide..

“In 2001, Jessie literally took me into the Trager education program. She convinced me to do it. I am still thankful every day that she encouraged me. I can now call her my colleague and I am fulfilling the Trager tutor trainee education. Jessie is the embodiment of the Trager approach.

She founded the Trager approach in the Netherlands and raised it as her own child. Chapeau! In dealing with the students, she is an example for me and as well she is an incredibly inspiring woman. So patient, emphatic, light with humor, tact ad passion, brave and disarming. She is exactly how a coach should be.”

Janneke VenemaThe owner of Practice for Trager and Rebalancing In goede Handenat Apeldoorn. in Apeldoorn.

“Jessie and I have been working together for years. We give each other sessions and coaching. For me, it was because I wanted to improve my internal feeling sense and because I want to coach with as much inspiration as possible. Through Jessie’s help, my ability to feel has deepened incredibly. I experience Jessie as a special combination of someone who is very sensitive, intuitive and powerful, as well as very clairvoyant as a coach. I describe her as ancient wisdom brought to us anew.”

Adriaan Hoogendijkdirector-owner of Hoogendijk Coaching and Education.
Writer of Inspiring Coaching, ad creator of the Inspirationgame.