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For individual session’s and workshops

The Netherlands is my home base. In Amsterdam a practice and work I also give session’s, workshops and training in other parts in the Netherlands. As I often travel towards other countries in the world, like elsewhere in Europe and Asia or in the middle East and therefore on invitation available for sessions and education.

For the Education

In the Netherlands, the education is held at different locations spread throughout the country. As an instructor, I also get invited to separate training offshore, for instance in Finland, the UK, and Egypt.

Contact preferably by email

If you contact me with a question or a request, you will receive my answer or proposal within 24 hours guaranteed!

Jessie Kuipers Spiritueel Bodywork
Kamperstraat 54c
2012 XD Haarlem
Mobile +31 (6) 53 84 72 86
KvK 34169790

I had a great session with Jessie today and I cried

at the end of the session, because my body was experiencing celebration and joy! It felt like a total reset. Jessie dove right into what I have stored in my body all these years…stress, emotional burden, tension and tiredness, and the letting go was so natural. It was nurturing and I feel so much gentleness and softness within, even after the session and throughout the day!

“I know I am receiving new information for my body to re-program itself. I love to have more sessions with her whenever I can so that my body can remember and store this new and positive feeling.

Thank you, Jessie.

Iris TanManaging Director at Eitan Pte Ltd.Singapore